This is a jam version. A polished, postjam version of this prototype is under development.

Do you know how to make powerful heroes? By fusing other heroes, of course! There are 60 heroes waiting for you to play or fuse them, struggling against a fierce IA into a revolutionary card game that doesn't require the defeat of the opponent, but your own victory! This is a race to the top in this improved version of The War game.

Developer: frykten

Game Designer: himeshinko

Temp track: Scarlet Slander - Powerless (extract)

Future improvements:

  • Card illustrations and actual soundtrack
  • Game feedbacks (animations, SFX) instead of text boxes
  • The option and deck building menus will be implemented
  • The "0-card-in-deck bug" will be fixed
  • IA will not fuse two heroes with the same attribute anymore
  • A card shop and a multiplayer mode will be added
  • Victory will be implemened

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