[Project cancelled]

This is a demo of a project I had in mind some time ago and developed here. It is only the v0.1 since it cannot be called a full project for now. Not the prettiest game you'll play since I focused on a cool gameplay that would be conveyed by a satisfying engine and I also made a vaporwave-like musical atmosphere since I am both a game designer and a musician but a terrible drawer.

Softwares used :

  • Game Design: Google Docs, my brain
  • Game Engine: Stencyl (starting by a template platformer)
  • Sound and Music: LMMS, Audacity (for all sounds, not only the music)
  • Graphical ressources: GIMP, Inkscape

Hope you'll like it even if the music isn't finished and there is only 1 level (The Arena).

Install instructions

Acording to my Free Software engagement, I share the source code (it's the .stencyl file) under the GPLv3 for anyone that want to get a look about it. I'll just ask to quote me as the original creator, or link the Itch.io page if you share it.

Also, I posted the Game Overview I wrote. Feel free to share it, my name is written into the file anyway!


speedboardmaze.stencyl 2 MB
[English translated] SPEEDBOARD MAZE - Game Overview.pdf 186 kB